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The 2012 Jepson Herbarium Workshops

The Friends of the Jepson Herbarium recently announced the program for The Jepson Herbarium Workshop’s 2012 series on botanical and ecological subjects. These programs are open to the general public and consist of basic, introductory one- to four-day basic botany workshops and more technical one- to five-day weekend workshops.

The basic botany series includes “Introduction to California Plant Families” and the not-to-miss “Fifty Families in the Field: Introduction to Keying,” an excellent workshop I had the pleasure of taking in 2007 with instructors Linda Beidleman (co-author of Plants of the San Francisco Bay Region: Mendocino to Monterey) and the ever-entertaining Richard Beidleman (author of California’s Frontier Naturalists, reviewed with great enthusiasm here). Among the technical weekend workshop series are such select, wonkish offerings as “Seaweeds of Central California,” “Potentilla, Past and Present (Rosaceae: tribe Potentilleae),” and “Atriplex and Tarweeds.”   The workshops run throughout the year, but class sizes are limited and waiting lists back up quickly. Sign up soon.

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