(bio)•ac•cu•mu•la•tion: 1 : biological miscellany that has accumulated or has been accumulated  2 : the action or process of accumulating  biological miscellany : the state of biological miscellany being or having been accumulated  3 : increase or growth of biological knowledge by addition esp. when continuous or repeated (~ of interest)

The (bio)accumulation blog is an outlet for the biological miscellany rattling around in my head. What does that mean? (bio)accumulation will be primarily regional, focusing on the natural world as it pertains to the history and natural history of the San Francisco Bay Area, California, the Pacific Coast, and the United States – roughly in that order. That doesn’t mean I won’t stray beyond these confines to explore our world at large – trust me, I will – just don’t expect to accrue frequent flier miles when you visit. Under that rough framework, there’s no question I’ll dabble and delve into the topics I come across every day as a wildlife biologist, science writer, and natural historian. Here’s a back-of-the-envelope list of what you can expect in future posts:

  • breaking news: journals/magazines/newspaper articles
  • book reviews: field guides, references, and fiction new (and old!)
  • science swag: art, apparel, and gear, be it functional or off-beat
  • extinct/extirpated species: it isn’t worth saving until there’s only one left, right?
  • herpetology: focusing, of course, on the western pond turtle and silvery legless lizard
  • announcements: upcoming workshops, talks, symposiums, conferences, classes

As (bio)accumulation grows, so too will its breadth. Where it will stop, no one knows and, as I see it, that’s half the fun…

(Matt)hew Bettelheim is a wildlife biologist, science writer, and natural historian in the San Francisco Bay Area. Matthew’s writing portfolio includes feature articles in outlets like Bay NatureBerkeley Science Review, Inkling Magazine, Earth Island Journal, and Outdoor California.

  1. #1 by friendsofwildcatcanyon on January 9, 2012 - 12:56 am

    Matt . . .

    Thanks so much for your post re Dr. Bob. He was a valued colleague of mine during numerous enviro battles in Wildcat Canyon and El Sobrante Valley during the 1980s and remains a dear friend to this day.
    Your focus on him is well deserved and appreciated.

    Alan La Pointe

    • #2 by Matthew Bettelheim on January 9, 2012 - 7:04 am

      Thanks Alan,

      Stebbins is truly a gentleman and a scholar. I suspect yours is only one of many lives he’s influenced as a colleague and friend.


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