LEGO Ideas: Science Adventures

This year, LEGO released the long overdue Research Institute (21110), LEGO’s first venture into LEGO brick sets targeted for girls that weren’t saccharined in florals or iced in rainbows and pinks. The brick set was developed and submitted by geochemist Alatariel Elensar through the LEGO Group’s LEGO® Ideas platform, where fans like Alatariel can submit their own LEGO brick sets. If the prototypes survive public scrutiny and can roust 10,000 supporters, the sets are advanced to a LEGO Review Board made up of designers and marketers. The best ideas are revamped by professional LEGO designers and go into mass production for the entire world to enjoy.

Lego 21110

Following in the footsteps of the already hard-to-come-by Research Institute, this November Alatariel unveiled her next prototype, Science Adventures (see also here), featuring an archeologist, a geologist, and yes, a wildlife biologist!

Ready to explore ancient civilizations, archaeologist Dr. Yates comes equipped a hand lens, brush, shovel, and camera to examine the skeleton and gold coins she has unearthed.

High in the misty mountains, geologist Dr. Coyman comes equipped with rock hammer, compass, bag, and geologic map in her search for minerals and Earth’s secrets.

And in the heart of the jungle, wildlife biologist Dr. Miller comes equipped with binoculars, walky-talky, backpack, and hat to study the behavior of the elusive Siberian tiger. (In case you are wondering, I can’t stress enough the importance of a good hat when in the field. Seriously.)

LegoScienceAdventure-fullWith over 52,000 views and – at last update – 5,893 supporters in only 22 days (LEGO allows 365 days to attain the 10,000 supporter goal), it looks like Alatariel has hit on another favorite featuring women in the workplace. If you want to see more examples of educational toys in kids’ toy boxes scattered across your living room floor – especially those that figure women prominently as professionals beyond that of a hairdresser or veterinarian, make sure to visit LEGO® Ideas, browse the blueprints, and cast your vote.

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