Cornell Lab of Ornithology: Raptor ID and Waterfowl ID Webinar Series

Cornell Lab BannerThis fall, the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, in conjunction with Cornell University, is offering two bird identification webinar series: the Raptor ID Series and the Waterfowl ID Series (a third, the Shorebird ID Series, is already underway). These webinar series for the public, taught by instructor Dr. Kevin McGowan, are designed to help beginner birders hone their identification skills through live, interactive one-hour sessions using photographs, videos, and sound recordings.

The Raptor ID Series (October 6 – November 3, 2014) includes (1) How to Get Started, (2) Other Things to Use, (3) Buteos, (4) Accipiters, Falcons, and Kites, and (5) Eagles, Vultures, and Others.

The Waterfowl ID Series (November 10 – December 8, 2014) includes (1) The Most Important Things to Know, (2) What Else Can You Use?, (3) Dabbling Ducks, (4) Diving Ducks, and (5) Not Everything That Swims is a Duck.

Both series cover everything from beginning identification through shape, color pattern, behavior, size, habitat, range, and calls, as well as specific characteristics for keying out most common North American raptors and waterfowl.

Each series consists of 5 webinar sessions, with registration fees ranging between $9.99 per session (Cornell Lab members) to $12.99 per session (non-members). Although Cornell University does not offer academic credits for these webinars, there is no question the price is right for beginner birders.

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