Time Will Tell: The Rule of ‘Thumbs’

When I was in elementary school, my buddies and I would assemble on the sports field before school to coax my best friend, Fang (pronounced, ‘Fong’), into telling us the time. You see, Fang claimed he could estimate the time of day by scrying the heavens (my words, not his) and ‘reading’ the sun’s position in the sky. Little did we realize that Fang was hoodwinking us by making an educated guess based on the dashboard clock of his parent’s car, ‘scried’ as his parents dropped him off before class.  Needless to say, we were young and wide-eyed.

And so it was with some surprise later in life when I learned a trick not so different from what Fang had claimed was possible. As luck would have it, you can estimate remaining daylight hours with surprising accuracy using nothing but your outstretched hand. As an adult, this rule of thumb has come in handy outdoors not only on sports fields (so there!, young gullible self), but also while fishing, camping, and hiking. I’ve got to hand it to Fang; this trick will never replace the liquid crystal display of his parent’s car, but it sure works in a pinch…

How to Estimate Remaining Daylight [Source: http://www.showmenow.com]

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