Rubber Souls: The Sheep in Wolves’ Clothing

Realizing every schoolboy’s fantasy, Canadian artist Maskull Laserre has pioneered the reintroduction of wolves and caribou onto the snow-swept streets of Montreal and New York City with nothing but a pair of shoes.

Laserre’s recent project, Outliers (Trace), involved re-engineering the rubber tread of everyday footwear to incorporate the footprints of wildland creatures. The result is part nature nostalgia, part wishful thinking, part social commentary, and part deviant delinquent. Imagine the thought processes that might be tripped when unsuspecting passersby do a double-take over bear prints window-shopping their way down Broadway.

To date, Laserre has molded the spirits of wolf packs, wolverines, white-tailed deer, caribou, and Kodiak bear into tennies and combat boots alike; there’s even a pair of runners sporting human footprints (see the galleries here and here). Be it introspective or retrospective, Laserre’s soles capture the soul of the wild.


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